The Ages of Lyonesse are measured by great acts, and great leaders. There are often disputes amongst the high and the low of historical and chronological accuracy.

Most knowledge before Age of Mark has been lost. Despite their best efforts, many historians have failed to preserve history from even that Age. It is ironic that many lands outside of Lyonesse contain more detailed histories than those within it. The timeline listed here is approximate, and becomes moreso the furher back in history one delves.

To their dismay, Lyonnes currently live within an age of darkness and despair: the Age of the Deluge.


Bygone Ages Osric slays the Green Knight, and Lyonesse enters an alliance with Amber.
King Amfortas is born(?).
Worship of the gods wanes.
Leviathan ravages the seas of Lyonesse - destroying many ships, and swallowing islands.
Age of Mark High King Mark is crowned, and unites all of Lyonesse.
Age of the Deluge The Deluge sinks most of Lyonesse. Many flee to New Lyonesse in Amber.
Albion rises and is fought for. The Graal is lost and found. King Amfortas is reported dead.
The gods of Lyonesse have returned. The ancient Chromatic Order stirs.

OOC Note: The present year, 2011, roughly corresponds with year 129 of the Age of the Deluge.

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