Nobility of Lyonesse

Lyonesse Below

In Lyonesse Below, the hierarchy of nobility was closely followed. Families laid claim to their ancestral lands back through the mists of time. People knew their place, and mostly they accepted it. The hierarchy was clear:

  • High King (there has never been a High Queen, but that does not mean there can't be)
  • King / Queen
  • Prince / Princess
  • Duke / Duchess
  • Marquis / Marchioness
  • Earl / Count / Countess
  • Viscount / Viscountess
  • Baron / Baroness
  • Knight / Dame

Lyonesse Above

The structure of Lyonesse Above is so much different than before. Counts claim their counties without dukes or kings. New kingdoms have arisen. Some are traditionalists, some realists, and some opportunists. The rules seem different. Not gone, but perhaps much less useful than they once were.

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