The Conquest of Albion

A Kingdom Fallen

Albion was raised from beneath the waves by the corrupt wizard Aegrin. When it rose, it showed no sign of being underwater: its lush forests and old-fashioned villages remained intact. What did change was its people. The dead rose with Albion, and wander the land, eager to overrun interlopers. The scale of their infestation is massive. Vast armies and efforts would be required to free Albion. But now the time has come.

King Doriam has announced that his kingdom will be sending men to battle against the evil in Albion. He has openly invited those who wish to join him in this quest to cleanse Albion. A darkness is settling there - a festering wound threatening to infect all of Lyonesse.

Conflict Mechanics

The conquest of Albion is intended to turn it over to PC control. Players are welcome to exert influence there, in order to take back the land from the undead. The more invested the player, the more stake in Albion they will win. There are two ways by which this will be determined:

1. The completion of +queues. +queues 00q, 00r, 00s, 00t, 00u, 00v, 00w, 00x, 00y, 00z are designed to allow players to run and complete scenes regarding Albion. Queues 00q through 00u are part of a conquest line of scenes - built like a miniature packet. Queues 00v through 00z are part of an investigation line of scenes. All of these queues require GL-Lyonesse/1 to view, and various other requirements to unseal. They are all cooperative, and are intended to be run in groups, not individually.

The completion of these queues have 'victory points' associated with them. These will add towards the total conquest of Albion.

2. Tokens posted to the flag. Gossip-created tokens, or other special tokens may be posted to the flagpole to show the conquest of Albion. It is suggested that a +mail to Lucius follow the posting of any such tokens to ensure they are not overlooked. The focus value of the tokens will be tracked, and counted as 'victory points'.

When the 'victory points' of the queues and the flagpole reach 60, Albion will be considered won. Players who wish to occupy Albion will be awarded sections of it in consideration with the number of 'victory points' they have generated. Certain scenes will be run during the conflict, to flesh out the story arc - but players are expected to pursue most of the conquest on their own initiative.

For questions, concerns and general assistance, please see Lucius. Also, see the map below for an idea of Albion in detail.

Dark Victory

After pitched battles, backed by enormous armies, Albion's conquest is done. Dame Blackmoor and the Lady in White's forces have taken the town of Corin, Wealde, the fortress of Ceannlaidir and Castle Albion, occupying the majority of the isle of Albion.

The Order of the Graal and its allies secured Canton Shire, the fortress of Cala, and the territories surrounding Dralmir.

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